RMW Rail

RMW (Witney) Ltd is an Oxfordshire based engineering company that produces quality-engineering components. Robert Wilsker, a reputable production engineer and designer, set the business up in 1976. Initially the firm was based around the production of press tools and production .The development of new equipment to assist in manufacture of the tools has enabled RMW to diversify into different areas of manufacturing i.e. CNC machining.
The company is a friendly, efficient and productive business having minimal overheads, enabling us to produce quality products at a competitive price. We are committed to deliver on time and to inform our customers if required dates are, for any reason unobtainable.

RMW Rail Products

The founder of the company spent 20 years working in and around the rail industries on switch gear and hydraulic systems. When he set up his own business he continued to advise and consult for various manufacturers on production, process and quality ,he was also asked to produce numerous British Rail components.

Just a few of the parts which we produce and stock are..

  • Spacers we produce a variety of spacer from
  • Lock Arms
  • Stretcher Bars
  • Shims
  • Switch gear components.


We have CNC milling and turning equipment that is driven a CAD/CAM system enabling us to design and manufacture complex machined parts, with ease. We can use customer CAD drawings and in so doing save on design.

Toolmaking And Production

With our experience and skills in toolmakers, we offer press tool production to customer drawing or designed around the component.
With a range of power presses we offer a complete service from design to production .

  • Press Capacity
  • Power Presses 25 tonne, 50 tonne, 70 tonne
  • Fly Presses No 3, No4, No5, No6

We manage Electroplating, Powder Coating, Phosphate and many more surface treatments.