Local Engineering Support In Oxfordshire

RMW Witney Ltd

RMW Witney

RMW Witney Ltd has strived to support local buisnesses and people, whether managing small or large projects. We have an open door philosophy and welcome anyone walking into our workshop to discuss their requirements. We understand that people often know what they want but don't know how or where to get it, with our experience and resources we will always find time to suggest options for manufacture.

At RMW Witney Ltd we offer steel rod for plant supports as recommended by Gardeners World; for you to create shapes and designs of your own.

If you require urgent repairs on farm equipment or plant, our skills and efforts will get your machinery up and running with minimal lead times.

Our expertise offer Machining and fabrication in Oxfordshire, CNC Machining in Witney and support to local businesses and people.

Should you require unique artistic ideas, Maureen Wilsker, local potter, painter, banner designer and very good person is available for consultation.

What Do You Require

RMW Witney Ltd mill, turn and fabricate a wide variety of engineered products through CNC machining or conventional machining. Whether you need classic car or motorcycle components made from stainless steels, aluminium, or cast iron; agricultural, lawn mower, odd building fittings or a ring made from copper, brass or plastic, then we can assist. We make and stock, nuts and bolts along with washers and shims. Our workshop machines spares and repairs and manage plating processes such as hard chrome and zinc. Our CNC machining includes CNC Milling and Turning machines along with grinding, welding and fabrication equipment enables us to produce finished parts under one roof whether they are simple or complex components quickly and efficiently. If we cannot help we will always try to advise.

As well as our expertise in CNC machining and conventional maching, we will manage most finishing processes including as Powder Coating, Chrome Plating, Galvanizing, Anodizing and Zinc Electro-Plating.