Hydraulic Components

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Hydraulic Components In Oxfordshire

RMW witney ltd have been producing custom hydraulic components such as hydraulic cylinders, rams and manifold blocks in Oxfordshire since 1984. We manufacture hydraulic components from customer specific drawings through to produce a quality precision finish. With a wide range of CNC machinery and conventional machines we can match material requirements with ease.

Our process is based upon customer requirement and can manage surface finishing such as hard chrome, zinc-passivate and painting/powder coating. Not only can we offer hydraulic components for large production but we also offer the production of one off prototypes.

RMW Witney ltd is based around high quality production for our customers and so all components are inspected extensively to ensure goods do not leave our factory with in measurement, plating or painting problems.

The cleanliness of the hydraulic cylinders, rams and manifold blocks preceding their assembly is invaluable to the products performance. RMW Witney Ltd always aims to produce and ship products of the highest quality and performance and thus we ensure our components are cleaned extensively and packaged appropriately before shipping.

Over many years of producing hydraulic cylinders, rams and manifold blocks we have built strong working relationships with our customers to provide them with a fast, yet quality service that has recognised by all our customers returning with new and different jobs. All enquiries are welcome through phone, email or drop into the factory to discuss the job face to face with any of our directors who are always happy to help.